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Kristan Stephens - Director
(480) 525 - 7490
    The Quail's Nest Preschool


Preserving the Joy and Wonder of Childhood!

"Receive the children with reverence, educate them with love, and send them forth in freedom."   - Rudolf Steiner

The Quail's Nest Preschool is an early childhood program inspired by Waldorf education that invites children to come together to play and grow in a beautiful, natural setting that inspires them to awaken their senses to the world around them experience the awe and wonder of life at their own unique pace.
Each morning, children share in songs, fairy tales, baking, crafting, gardening, water-color painting, imaginative free-play with natural toys, and lots of outdoor time together to explore, develop, and learn together in a loving, unhurried environment.  The Quail's Nest is founded LifeWays principles including the importance of relationship-based care, where the teacher establishes a strong personal connection with each child, to more effectively guide their development and foster greater confidence, curiosity, creativity, and social and emotional skills.

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